K.V. Bhat

Founder, Senior Coach

The brains, nervous system and heart of the organisation. With over 10 years of experience in coaching students at different stages of their development, K.V. Bhat has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the game, be it the technical, physical, or mental. And he doesn’t stop there! With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he continuously studies the latest developments in tennis and immediately passes it on to his students. Our students imbibe his spirit of excellence and continuously strive to improve. Just meet him and you’ll see what we mean :-).

Bhavani Bhat

Founder, Chief Administrator

The woman behind the scenes. You won’t see her holding a racquet but she makes sure everyone else gets to swing theirs. Bhavani handles admissions and general administration. She keeps a close eye on everything going on at Tennis Guide and almost single-handedly ensures that we runs smoothly. If you can think of a question, she’ll answer it :-).

Shamathmika Bhat

Senior Coach

Also the brain of the organisation. Apart from being a gifted tennis player herself, Shama is a Professional Tennis Registry (the largest global organisation of tennis coaches) certified coach! With a strong technical foundation and a unique understanding of the physical and mental aspects of the game from her playing days, Shama plays an important role in the development of our students. Like we said, your child is in the best of hands.


Task Master

The man on the other side of the net. Rajesh has been with us from the beginning and has contributed to the development of some of our star performers. He leads the support team, implements our training programmes and is also your child’s first sparring partner. When your child starts beating Rajesh, you know his or her game is headed in the right direction :-).

Pranav V Bhat

Assistant Coach

One of Tennis Guide’s early successes, Pranav has played semi-professionally and has travelled extensively to compete against some of India’s finest. Nowadays, despite cutting back on his training, Pranav still manages to hold his own against the latest crop of India’s best. As he regularly trains with the best, Pranav is up to date on the latest techniques, tactics and training methods that his peers use to stay ahead of the competition. Pranav is also sponsored to play a doubles tournament in Dubai every year! Jealous? Come over and he’ll tell you how to get one of these amazing deals :-).

Gurupriya Housing

Apart from running a successful tennis coaching centre, we are real estate developers by trade. Our company, Gurupriya Housing which has over two decades of experience and has more than 30 projects to its credit. All our projects are aesthetic edifices that have been completed on time and meet all their other promises. We don’t make promises we can’t keep! We also take great pride in the fact that our projects adhere to all government regulations and our own strict quality guidelines. You can read more about our projects here.